Who We Are

Who we are

Annie Koesterman

Owner of Community Shopper Magazine

The community family of websites is the brainchild of Annie. The idea was created more than a year ago when the .community TLD were created. As the owner of the Community Shopper Magazine in Gig Harbor and North Tacoma / University Place, she thought there had to be a way to use those domains to create something bigger and better. Annie lives with her husband in Olalla, is a member of the Gig Harbor Dragons and brings her British sense of humor and bluntness to the table.

Robert Nissenbaum

Owner of Tactical Social Media

Robert is responsible for the logistical aspect of the website. As the owner of Tactical Social Media, he focuses on brand, content and social media market as a consultant and speaker based on his decade of experience. He creates more value for advertising local businesses. His role to to help further drive their reach beyond a simple ad bringing additional business to the local community from outside. Robert lives at Salmon Beach off the west side of Tacoma’s Point Defiance Park. An avid ocean kayaker, you will normally finding him paddling on the Tacoma Narrows when he’s not working from or fishing off the deck.


And it really is all about community!

These are a few of the community based organizations where Annie and Robert actively participate:

  • Gig Harbor Super Business Group

  • lakewood-chamber.com

  • https://www.gigharborchamber.net/

  • firedupnetworking.com

  • HeroesOnTheWaterNWester

  • CreativeAllianceOfTacoma